When we met and fell in love in 1976, we experienced an extraordinary change in our lives. Our love for each other opened us to the presence of God and led us into a search for truth. It was the beginning of an incredible journey.

We explored many religions until we came across a little known revelation by an eighteenth century theologian named Emanuel Swedenborg.  It was through this revelation that we discovered a religious path that was deeply spiritual and immediately practical. We learned about the nature of God, the symbolism of sacred scripture, and the spiritual dimensions of marriage.

This revelation brought us to a path that was neither mysterious nor unfamiliar. It was the Ten Commandments, tried and true, containing the wisdom of the ages in a divinely ordered sequence.

In striving to apply the commandments in our daily lives, we experienced the joy of unexpected breakthroughs in our marriage, in our child rearing, and in our relationships with others. Eager to share our discovery, we decided to put together a seminar on the inner meaning of the Ten Commandments and their application to every facet of our daily lives.

Our first seminar was presented in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the spring of 1989. Since then we have had the opportunity to present this seminar to numerous people from a variety of religious backgrounds across America and in several countries around the world. We are grateful to the many participants who were willing to share their inspiring stories with us so that we might make their experiences and insights available to others. It is a rare privilege to be a part of each person’s unique—yet universal—spiritual journey.

In the past few years, as we have continued to explore the spiritual dimensions of marriage, we have incorporated the insights of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes in the area of human needs psychology, as well as the insights of Peter Rhodes in the area of identifying and overcoming ego concerns (using a 12 step model).