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Rise Above It  is a book, a seminar and, most importantly, a way of life. It was created as a course in 1989, published as a book in 2000, and reprinted in 2005. The course and book are based on a simple concept: at the core of every major religion and spiritual path are the same universal principles.

These perennial truths can all be found in a divinely given sequence within the Ten Commandments, spiritually understood. Over the past thirty years, Rise Above It has been taught in a variety of settings (college campuses, prisons, religious centers, and homes) across America and in several countries around the world.

Beyond our general program for individual spiritual development, we also have a prison program and a college program. Most recently, Rise Above It has been expanded to include a course on the Spiritual Dimensions of Marriage. This course combines spiritual principles with the latest research in the field of marriage education—all within the faith-based framework of the Ten Commandments.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey translating timeless spiritual principles into spiritual practices.

With best wishes,

Ray and Star

"The Ten Commandments were written in stone, but before that they were written on the human heart as the universal moral law, valid in every time and place. Today, as always, the Ten Words of the Law provide the only true basis for the lives of individuals, societies and nations. Today, as always, they are the only future of the human family.

 --Pope John Paul II